After the 50th Anniversary party is over, there will remain legacy contributions to Jamaica and to Canada with the proceeds from our celebrations. The areas of our focus are education, youth and the health of our children.


Initiatives are underway to leave a legacy contribution to Jamaica and Jamaicans through the Jamaica 50th Anniversary Committee efforts. These include:

1. Sponsor ship of Charitable projects in Jamaica

The Jamaica 50th Anniversary Committee has partnered with the People Bridge Charitable Foundation to manage the selection, funding and operations of identified Toronto and Jamaican charitable projects using proceeds from various events and from donations. People Bridge also provides an automated facility through CanadaHelps.Org for donors to contribute to these projects on a one time or periodic basis from credit or debit accounts, and to generate donation tax receipts for the donations.

Access to this function is provided on most of the Jamaica50 web site pages through a DONATE NOW button. Once selected you will be directed to the CanadaHelps web site. When you click DONATE NOW on the CanadaHelps web site it will provide the available projects under the Fund/Designation list for your selection.

More information about People Bridge and the current projects being supported is available on their web site at:

2. Future Leader’s Institute (FLI)

The FLI will support the development of young Jamaican leaders in Ontario’s high schools through the delivery of services and programs that improve academic success and increase career opportunities for students of Jamaican heritage.


Details for this initiative will be provided in a future update.