The Jamaica50 Steering Committee believes any celebration of Jamaica's independence should result in lasting benefits to the Jamaican Diaspora in Canada, the Canadian society at large, and to the global community.



The Jamaica 50 Celebration Inc. is a not-for-profit organization that has established
a Steering Committee for Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area to plan an
exciting and wide-ranging program of events and activities. The Committee’s goal
is to show case the outstanding contributions of Jamaicans In Canada; to foster
tourism to Jamaica; to encourage youth of Jamaican heritage to be better informed
and to support Jamaica; and to provide a legacy to Jamaica and Canada through
charitable and other social and cultural initiatives. The Toronto Committee will
also collaborate with various community organizations in celebrating the 50th
anniversary. These are the persons responsible for planning and bringing you
Jamaica 50 Celebration Events in Toronto:

The Executive

Joe Halstead – President
Trevor Massey – Vice-Chair +Secretary
Pamela Appelt- Director
Tiffany Harris – Treasurer


Jamaica 50 Steering Committee

Joe Halstead & Pamela Appelt – Co-Chairs, Steering Committee
Paula deRonde, Jennifer Walcott, Darrell McCalla – Co-Chairs, Art + Literature
Gail Scala, Diana Burke, Sandra Whiting –Co-Chairs, Marketing +Sponsorship
Nadine Spencer – Co-Chair, Communications + Sponsorship
Cayla Allain, Tka Pinnock – Co-Chairs,4WD (Youth)
Trevor Massey, Dr. Avis Glaze – Co-Chairs, Future Leaders Institute
Sandra Whiting, Audrey Campbell – Co-Chairs, Gala
Diana Burke – Chair, Online Presence & Golf
Tiffany Harris, Anne Marie McLeod – Co-Chairs, Legal & Administration
Kevin Ormsby, Sandra Whiting – Co-Chairs, Performing Arts
Kamala-Jean Gopie – Chair, Publication
Nadine Mendez, Olive Parkins-Smith– Chair, Multi-Faith Service

Project Management

Len D. Henry – Brand Director
Michelle Gordon – Secretary
Marsha Brown – Volunteer Coordinator
Donald F. McLeod, The McLeod Group– Legal Advisor

Message from the High Commissioner

Patronage Members