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The Jamaica50 Steering Committee believes any celebration of Jamaica's independence should result in lasting benefits to the Jamaican Diaspora in Canada, the Canadian society at large, and to the global community.

The Pics

 Jamaica 50 Events Photo Gallery

Ja50 Fabulous February Brunch



The Prime Ministers at JCA

The Prime Ministers at JCA.


Jamaica Land We Love Gala (August 11, 2012)

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50 Years of Jamaican Art, a “then and now” perspective. Jamaica 50 Celebration Inc., National Gallery of Jamaica and the Art Gallery of Mississauga present Contemporary Jamaican Art, circa1962 | circa2012 An exhibition of works curated by Veerle Poupeye, Executive Director of the National Gallery of Jamaica, on exhibit July 12 to September 8, 2012. This eight-week exhibition will explore changing ideas about contemporary art in Jamaica from the period of Independence in 1962 to present day. The talent of Jamaican artists is often described as unprecedented and unequalled. The country boasts a significant number of gifted individuals who have brought honour and pride to all Jamaicans.

Jamaica RhythmsA two-hour rocumentry created in a multi-media format. Jamaica’s performance arts in its  finest forms and answered that question. From 1492, the arrival of the first European, to the 1500s when Africans first arrived in Jamaica, the foundation was laid that has created a small nation with a performance arts fraternity that has impacted the planet.




 The Media Room                                          The performance                                        Back Stage

The Media Room                 The Performance               

Photo Shoot @ The Event

photo shoot





 An Evening with Malcolm GladwellAs part of the library’s Jamaica 50 celebrations, bestselling author and journalist Malcolm Gladwell discusses his work and his Jamacia heritage with the CBC’s Eleanor Wachtel.




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Jamaicans in Canada: When Ackee Meets Codfish is a celebration of Jamaican-
Canadians migrating to Canada over the past 50 years. It documents and highlights
the contributions and achievements of Canadians of Jamaican heritage to the
country they now call home. From doctors to lawyers to teachers, from scientists to
politicians and athletes, they have all made a positive contribution to their adopted

The title represents the meeting of the Jamaican Ackee with the Canadian Salted
Codfish; converging the items that make up Jamaica’s national dish, “Ackee &

Summer Sinting Launch at Christie Pits

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Jam 4 Jamaica

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Toronto Celebrates Patty Day

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Ja50 Golf Promotion

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Toronto City Hall Launch

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