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Performing Arts will choreograph or showcase and present the wealth of dance creativity emanating from Jamaica through Canadians of Jamaican heritage.


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September 27 to October 18

Jamaicans are tallawah.  From the very beginning we have fought for what we believe in and our national heroes have helped to carve an identity now known the world over.  But where did it all start? The majestic blue waters washed a variety of cultural influences to our shores. In carving cultural or individual identity, one cannot forget the past. “Di calling of the Abeng, the Bruckins of Emancipation, the Kumina downbeat, the Pocomania upbeat, the torso isolations of Dinki Mini and Gerrehbenta giving rise to the mento.  “Out of Many, One People” moving into the next 50 years.
Jamaica’s artists have always been groundbreaking while showcasing their creativity on the international stage.  We eat, live and sleep the culture of our people.

The Performing Arts Committee will showcase and present the wealth of creativity emanating from Jamaica through Canadians of Jamaican heritage. Our unique perspective is that no celebration of a country’s milestones and history can be represented without the presence of its artists from the visual to the performing arts.
Who can forget iconic scenes from such memorable films as Dancehall Queen, Lunatic, Smile Orange, Milk and Honey, to name but a few?  Pantomime and Miss Lou’s passion for the patois we have embodied, from Anancy story to Ring Ding.  Ska, Rock Steady, Dub, Reggae and Dancehall music have captivated the essence of a people to MOVE!  And the moves we have, “Bogle, Butterfly, Signal di Plane, Summa Bounce and Chant Riddim.”  They inspire many genres, from modern and contemporary to hip hop and R ‘n B dance forms.
We invite you to share with us the enormous contributions of artistic creativities throughout 2012.  We hope that you will continue the journey with us as we develop and nurture new talents and contribute to all that makes Canada our country of choice.

Kevin A. Ormsby

Co- Chair

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